Red Dot Design Award
Special Publication

“Fleet of Time” Film Memorabilia

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This memorabilia was published for “Fleet of Time” (released as “Back in Time” in North America), a Chinese box office film in 2014, adapted from a popular Chinese novel. The brief was to create something more than just a usual film souvenir set, something that would appeal to fans of both the film and the novel. Each of the five main characters is represented by a pastel-coloured item that reminds fans of their school days: a poster, wrapping paper, bookmarks, stickers, sticky notes, postcards and a notebook. The black casing, featuring gold and silver hot stamps, houses the items and reflects the reality of adulthood. A 2015 calendar includes the director’s notes on key milestone dates of the 2014 film production.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Le Grande Films Co., Ltd.
  • Design:
    BEAMY Creative, Shanghai
  • Creative Direction:
    Ronn Lee
  • Art Direction:
    Linz Lim
  • Business Director:
    Yutien Peng
  • Executive Producer:
    Vivian Shen, Beijing