Office Equipment

Flipbox, Fliptray, Flipholder

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The office equipment from the NuAns-Worklife range includes a storage box, a pencil case and a business card holder. Flipbox is useful for storing papers. The box opens at the front so that even a number of papers can easily be retrieved. Fliptray is a case for pens and pencils that can be used as a pen tray on the desk or taken away as a pencil case. The Flipholder business card case is divided so that the owner’s own cards can be stored separately to those received.

Statement by the Jury

The design of the storage box, pencil case and business card holder is based on well-thought-out functionality that is in tune with a modern look.

  • Manufacturer:
    Trinity, Inc., Niiza, Japan
  • Design:
    TENT, Ryosaku Aoki Masayuki Haruta, Tokyo, Japan