Office Equipment

Flipbox, Fliptray, Flipholder


The office equipment from the NuAns-Worklife range includes a storage box, a pencil case and a business card holder. Flipbox is useful for storing papers. The box opens at the front so that even a number of papers can easily be retrieved. Fliptray is a case for pens and pencils that can be used as a pen tray on the desk or taken away as a pencil case. The Flipholder business card case is divided so that the owner’s own cards can be stored separately to those received.

  • Manufacturer:
    Trinity, Inc., Niiza, Japan
  • Design:
    TENT, Ryosaku Aoki Masayuki Haruta, Tokyo, Japan

Statement by the Jury

The design of the storage box, pencil case and business card holder is based on well-thought-out functionality that is in tune with a modern look.