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FLOW | Red Dot Design Award

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Flow is designed for enhancing the logistics monitoring experience at global control centres. Displaying contents on a video wall, it provides for efficient group collaboration and tactical planning of mission-critical events. The system supports three different modes, between which users can switch at the push of a button. Based on data-driven forecasting, the normal mode displays problems and the connection among regional managers. When an alarm is triggered, the screen switches to the abnormal mode to provide a 3D detailed view. In emergency mode the system generates a summary analysis for decision-making.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Samsung SDS, Seoul, South Korea
  • Design:
    Samsung SDS, Seoul, South Korea
  • Screen Design:
    Sung Hye Cho
  • Concept:
    Kyung Eun Hwang Ran Hee Yu
  • Artwork:
    Jung Hun Yoon Sung Jin Hong
FLOW | Red Dot Design Award
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