Interactive Light Installation

FLUIDIC – Sculpture in Motion

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This installation involves a suspended point cloud formed by 12,000 small, translucent spheres, evoking the appearance of a poetic light sculpture. The organic and seemingly arbitrary arrangement of these spheres is actually based on a complex computer algorithm that calculated both the positioning and the projection angles of eight high-speed laser projectors placed around the installation. The lasers send dense beams of light into the point cloud arrangement, making it light up wherever the beam hits a sphere. The graphics and three-dimensional objects generated within the array come to life as dynamic, three-dimensional light sculptures.

  • Client:
    Hyundai Motor Company Innocean Worldwide
  • Design:
    WHITEvoid interactive art & design / Christopher Bauder, Berlin
  • project management:
    Anna Pilarska
  • music/sound design:
    Daniel Teige, Marian Mentrup, Hammersnail
  • programming:
    Joreg, Sebastian Gregor, Checksum5
  • engineering:
    Steven Morgan, Benedikt Frisse-Bremann
  • technical direction:
    Philipp Rasehorn, Rob Feigel
  • laser technology:
    Michael Sollinger, Laseranimation Sollinger