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A lighting product combines form, function and technology, where technology can be a complicated addition. However, through the initial separation and disengagement of all single parts and their evaluated function, a clean and coherent product structure can be achieved. This understanding resulted in a desk table lamp made from steel and cast aluminium, which consists of three key parts – the arm, base and light source are indispensable elements, and the reflector can be added if desired. The components interact with each other with the help of magnets, which combine the individual parts into a complete functional product. The table clamp also uses magnets to adjust the height of the arm, while the magnets inside the lamp head allow the light source to rotate 360 degrees. The clean form, without any unnecessary elements and decoration, easily integrates with the environment and its usage is intuitive thanks to smart indication features. The disengagement concept only works with carefully evaluated technology. A way to transfer the power is to have the light source permanently connected to the arm. When the luminaire is placed on the arm, energy transfers to the light source and charges the integrated capacitor at the same time. The capacitor allows the lamp to work for a period without being connected to the power source. With this new and simple solution, the user can freely interact with the luminaire head and use it as a portable lamp.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    Andrea Bettina Müller, Sweden