Forster & Uhl Architekten GmbH

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At first glance there seem to be only a few lines inside the brochure of the Forster & Uhl architecture office in Zürich. All pages show large-scale pictures of architec-tural projects realised by the office. Only the last page invites readers to open the perforations of the Japanese binding and take a look at the inner pages of the book. Printed in silver on black Chromolux paper, the drawings, plans and words explain the possible process-oriented methods of the architects.

  • Client:
    Forster & Uhl Architekten GmbH, Zürich
  • Design:
    Klauser Design GmbH, Zürich
  • art direction:
    Tobias Klauser
  • graphic design:
    Bruno Kaufmann, Tobias Klauser, Hans Peter Dubacher
  • text:
    Robert Roos, Lucerne
  • photography:
    Michael Freisager, Baar
  • printing:
    Köpfli & Partner AG, Neuenhof