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Forza Football

Forza Football | Red Dot Design Award

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Forza Football is a live score app that delivers fast and accurate data to make sure that football fans all over the world stay updated on leagues, scores, matches and players. The new corporate design of this globally used app also aims at conveying the message that Forza Football is anything but a normal company. Rather, it is democratically structured and has a vertical hierarchy without bosses and investors. Meanwhile, all employees have full responsibility and are independent in their work. In order to communicate both the company’s vision to make the world of football a better place and its mission to democratise football by really listening to the fans, the design programme adopted a flexible and playful approach – just like “all the stars in the team” and the company itself. The design is thus inspired by the uniforms of football players, as well as the characteristics of different country flags, including stripes, a plus sign and rectangular shapes. Boldly and clearly linked with all possible colours, the new corporate design has emerged as a remarkable, fresh appearance.

Statement by the Jury

Based on a clear and simplified logotype, this corporate design has emerged as a visually rich look. It reflects the flags of all the nations taking part in the football league and, as a special feature, has coded and broken them down into individual components including bars, plus signs and rhombuses. The resulting range of shapes and colours catches the eye with an outstandingly powerful yet playful appearance.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Forza Football, Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Design:
    Kazakoff Design, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Graphic Design:
    Igor Kazakov
Forza Football | Red Dot Design Award
Forza Football | Red Dot Design Award
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