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Under the motto “A strong connection”, this client magazine wants to strengthen connections between a business law firm, which has approximately 140 lawyers across Germany, and its partners. The magazine therefore takes readers on a short journey to the founding year of 1846 and provides an outlook on the future. Current developments and contemporary topics are presented in an informative and entertaining manner. The existing corporate design has been refined and an uncluttered, sophisticated editorial layout created. Forming a stylistically defining part of the concept, the illustrations are used in a creative way.

  • Client:
    FPS Fritze Wicke Seelig _Partnerschaftsgesellschaft, Frankfurt/Main
  • Creative Direction:
    Anne Julia Nowitzki
  • Concept:
    Ulf Appel
  • Art Direction:
    Lisa Stein
  • Project Management:
    Eva Maria Nowitzki
  • Design:
    APPEL NOWITZKI GmbH, Frankfurt/Main