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The mailing “Frachtkino” (Freight Cinema) highlights the competence of Mercedes-Benz in the transport sector in a creative way; moreover, it allows the reader to discover the versatile application field of these Mercedes transporters in a proactive way. By scrolling through the e-mail, a wide range of possible goods are “loaded”, from bricks to pork chops. This encourages the target group to perceive Mercedes-Benz as a transportation specialist that can capably answer all transportation-related questions, along the lines of the motto “The right solution for every transport situation”.

  • Client:
    Mercedes-Benz Vertrieb Deutschland, Berlin
  • Design:
    Elephant Seven/Pixelpark, Berlin; Elephant Seven Hamburg GmbH, Hamburg
  • creative direction:
    Kai Becker, Elephant Seven Hamburg GmbH
  • art direction:
    Oliver Baus, Elephant Seven Hamburg GmbH
  • graphic design:
    Julia Kestner, Elephant Seven Hamburg GmbH
  • text:
    Nils Liedmann, Elephant Seven Hamburg GmbH
  • project management:
    Luise Hummitzsch, Elephant Seven Hamburg GmbH
  • programming:
    Hanno Rippe, Elephant Seven Hamburg GmbH