Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

Franke A1000

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When developing this fully automatic coffee machine for the B2B sector, the focus was placed on high user-friendliness. With its three precision grinders for different beans, two containers for milk and chocolate powder as well as six aromas and two kinds of milk, it offers a great variety when making coffee. The milk system cleans automatically. The multimedia display has a user-friendly menu. The machine is network-linked, allowing images etc. to be displayed and information downloaded.

Statement by the Jury

With a clear, homogenous front, the design of the A1000 confronts the complex functionality of this appliance. It thereby presents an uncomplicated impression and is very easy to operate.

  • Manufacturer:
    Franke Kaffeemaschinen AG, Aarburg, Switzerland
  • In-house design:
    Franke Kaffeemaschinen AG, Aarburg, Switzerland