Red Dot Design Award

Freshly-Made, Robotic Bar

Freshly-Made, Robotic Bar | Red Dot Design Award

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A great way to kick-start your day, the Freshly-Made, Robotic Bar is an all-intelligent orange juice retailing system, which integrates freshly squeezed orange juice, baked bread and intelligent sale in a single machine. It employs AI technology, Internet of Things technology and the WeChat platform, which is widely used in China, to realise payment and user information collection, and centralised management through the cloud. Fully automated, Freshly-Made, Robotic Bar is equipped with intelligent dual arms and a five-axis mechanical arm that is combined with machine learning with robot technology to realise multi-dimensional complex operation. It has a fully transparent window, a transparent touch screen, modular refrigeration system design, low-temperature storage at 6-8℃, whole food-grade internal selection and ozone sterilisation. Self-cleaning is done according to standby time, consumption frequency and other parameters, ensuring customers get to enjoy fresh and healthy bread and juice. Freshly-Made, Robotic Bar is also equipped with automatically peeling and pressing, low temperature, slow extrusion and automatic packaging. The machine has a manipulator that can accurately grab irregular objects and a detection system for defective fruits. By analysing the shape, colour, and texture of the fruits, it guarantees that only quality fruits are used. In 35 seconds, delicious toast and fresh juice can be served.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
    Shenzhen Qifei Technology Co.,Ltd, China
  • Team Lead:
    Tang Zhi
  • Design:
    Ding Ying, Fan Jing, Huang Zhiyou, Li Shuijin, Ruan Juling, Ruan Shitao, Wang Yunmao, Zhou Ping, Zhu Rong