Food Packaging

Friends of Adam

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The packaging design of these gluten-free bakery products follows the strategy of standing out and creates shelf attraction for a small brand among a variety of global brands. To this aim, a colourful design emphasises the local heritage of the products, breaking new ground in a product category that usually features impersonal and sterile designs. The pattern is inspired by mosaic street art in the neighbourhood of the bakery, while the various flavours are easy to tell apart thanks to a differentiated colour scheme. A die-cut window in each box makes the product visible.

  • Client:
    Friends of Adam, Stockholm
  • Design:
    Designkontoret Silver, Stockholm
  • creative direction/ project management:
    Ulf Berlin
  • art direction:
    Steven Webb
  • text:
    Ulf Berlin, Steven Webb
  • logotype design:
    Anna-Karin Lundgren