FritsJurgens-Scharniersystem für Pivot-Türen

FritsJurgens Hinge System for Pivot Doors

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The innovative FritsJurgens hinge system is suitable for pivot doors. These are frameless doors that can be used as swivelling walls. When they are shut, they are almost invisible, but, when they are opened, they give a room structure. The technology needed to achieve this is concealed from view and is embedded in the top and bottom of the door. No fittings on floor or ceiling are required. This straightforward construction makes it possible to install pivot doors both in new and existing buildings.

Statement by the Jury

Thanks to its ingenious construction method, the FritsJurgens hinge system is invisible and gives the pivot doors a minimalist appearance that will suit a variety of uses.

  • Manufacturer:
    FritsJurgens, Slochteren, Netherlands
  • In-house design:
    Arjan van der Wal, Marko Kamminga