Red Dot Design Award

G7000 Series Fully-Integrated (G7965 ScVi)

G7000 Series Fully-Integrated (G7965 ScVi) | Red Dot Design Award

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This fully integrated dishwasher, which opens automatically when knocked on twice, blends seamlessly in handle-free kitchens. The “M Touch Vi” display with illuminated logo is integrated in the black operating panel and can be controlled quickly, easily and intuitively by tapping or wiping. The new “AutoDos” system with the PowerDisk – filled with cleaning granulate and situated inside the door – always dispenses the right amount of detergent. Furthermore, the baskets and cutlery drawer are optimised, so that they can be loaded easily and flexibly.

Statement by the Jury

This dishwasher impresses with its intuitive operation and, thanks to newly designed and clearly structured baskets, offers flexibility and convenience of loading and unloading.

Red Dot Design Award