Game Capture App


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The GameMate app for iOS devices is designed to remotely control AVerMedia’s Game Capture HD video capture box. It enables users to record their gaming triumphs on video game consoles with the tap of a button. The interface aims to transcend its peers with its futuristic look, resembling a modern video game. Fluid animations and transitions highlight the app’s high-tech appeal. It uses distinct neon colours as a visual cue for the four main modes – record, playback, snapshot and stream – with text overlays and gradients in the respective colour highlighting the mode selected. Arranged around the central control button, the app’s features can be accessed intuitively with a tapping or swiping motion.

  • Client:
    AVerMedia Technologies, Inc., New Taipei City
  • Design:
    AVerMedia Technologies, Inc., New Taipei City
  • concept:
    Johnson Chao, Daniel Dai
  • graphic design:
    Dona Yen, Aline Hsu
  • text:
    Charity Liu
  • project management:
    Daniel Dai
  • animation:
    Peter Chang
  • motion design:
    Neo Hsu, Eling Hsu