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Garçon | Red Dot Design Award

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Reflecting the artistic ambitions of the winemakers, this packaging design was developed for the wine brand Garçon. The key visual of the label shows an abstract illustration of a French waiter, who is carrying a bottle of wine on a tray. The illustration is reduced to the essential features of a waiter’s uniform and, with its bold red colour, is particularly eye-catching. The minimalist graphic approach places a strong focus on the brand name, lending it a sense of visual clarity.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    P. Schneekloth Söhne GmbH, Kiel
  • Design:
    Glasmeyer, Jung, Schreiter Kiel GmbH, Kiel
  • concept:
    Clarens Jung
  • art direction/illustration:
    Timo Hoffström