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Gas Appliance Stick

Gas Appliance Stick | Red Dot Design Award

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With people paying greater attention to health and nature, more are heading outdoors. The Gas Appliance Stick is a useful portable self-standing stove stick for such outings. To use, simply hold the stove stick with both hands and twist to open. The built-in springs will automatically trigger the prongs open. Lastly, manually extend the prongs fully to set up. The stove element itself is highly windproof and is able to withstand a temperature of up to 1,500ºC. The multi-opening circular design optimises and ensures an even fire supply. There are ridges along the six supporting hands to hold cookware of all sizes steadily. The legs of the stove stick have anti-slip pads to keep the stand stable. To secure the stand in unfavourable environments or terrains, simply drive the legs into the ground. Be it a snowy, muddy, sandy or rocky surface, this stove stick can handle them all with great ease. The power adjustment dial turns the fire on and off, and adjusts the intensity of the fire. When the fire is turned on, the dial shifts from green to red swiftly and is followed by a “pa” sound. When the dial shifts from red to green, the fire is gradually simmering down. The fire is completely turned off when the dial rests at green. For a short trip for 1 or 2 persons, the liquefied gas may be directly pumped into the stand from the bottom. For longer trips or one with more people, the stick can be connected to a separate liquefied gas canister.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
    DEYA Culture Communion (XIAMEN) Co., Ltd., China
  • Team Lead:
    Hu Siqi
  • Design:
    Yeh Shu-Hung
Gas Appliance Stick | Red Dot Design Award