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Gelbe Seiten | Red Dot Design Award

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Since you need fast information when you are out and about, the “Gelbe Seiten“ apps offer users a time-saving icon system. More than 140 icons represent the most common search queries and thus reduce the input of search terms such as “car repair shop” to a single tap of the finger. The icon system enhances the usability of the apps and reflects the broad range of services covered by “Gelbe Seiten”. Icons give users of all ages a more personal experience. Finding what they need is even more intuitive – be it a dry cleaner or dentist, takeaway or taxi. The icons in their characteristic yellow and black are, apart from their successful use in the apps, an integral part of the “Gelbe Seiten” corporate identity.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Gelbe Seiten Marketing Gesellschaft mbH, Frankfurt/Main
  • Design:
    brink & martens GmbH, Hamburg
  • product management:
    Michael Fritz
  • creative direction:
    Christiane Brink
  • graphic design:
    Peter Kohl
Gelbe Seiten | Red Dot Design Award
Gelbe Seiten | Red Dot Design Award
Gelbe Seiten | Red Dot Design Award