GEWOBA Activity Report 2014

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The 2014 GEWOBA corporate social responsibility report documents the company’s activities supporting the three pillars of sustainability. With every page, readers are drawn deeper into the subject, portrayed on fold-out pages introducing each project in detail. The layout allows readers to experience the work of the company: inspired by the desk pads and work material of the employees, typography and illustrations are the dominating elements in the report. Highlighters are used consistently for markings and illustrations. The report is printed on FSC-certified paper and recycled grey chipboard. Six Pantone colours and subtle, clear enamel add refined value to the report.

  • Client:
    GEWOBA Aktiengesellschaft Wohnen und Bauen, Bremen
  • Design:
    POLARWERK GmbH, Bremen
  • Creative Direction/Strategic Planning:
    Thomas Theßeling
  • Junior Art Direction:
    David Driscoll
  • Project Management:
    Britta Blauert
  • Text:
    Lisa Schmees, text+pr, Bremen
  • Illustration:
    Eilert Janßen, Bremen