Ergonomic Outdoor Seat



Gigseat is a seat for outdoor use, specifically designed for use in uneven and hilly terrain. It can be used on both sides, according to the terrain gradient. A triangular and removable plug in the back prevents the seat from sliding and keeps the user’s bottom dry. On the adjacent side, a triangular hole in the seat provides a drink holder. Made of 100 per cent recyclable thermoplastic, Gigseat is suitable for most outdoor surfaces including grass, stone, sand and snow, and is connectable to another seat, for example, for use at events.

  • Manufacturer:
    Gigtrigger as, Bodø, Norway
  • Design:
    EGGS Design as (Carl André Nørstebø, Carl-Gustaf Lundholm), Trondheim, Norway
  • Design:
    Minoko Design as (Audun Sneve), Levanger, Norway

Statement by the Jury

Easy transportability and robust execution lend the Gigseat flexibility of use, not least outside while on the go.