Outdoor Camera Backpacks

Gitzo Adventury

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The 45 litres outdoor camera backpacks have room for a DSLR camera with fitted lens up to 600 mm and additional lenses or a DJI Phantom drone with accessories. The 30 litres size is suitable for a camera with fitted 70 to 200 mm lens, a second camera with auxiliary lenses or a long lens of up to 400 mm. Individual elements are accessible from the side opening. Personal possessions can be stored in the top side, which can be rolled up. In addition, there is a separate laptop pocket.

Statement by the Jury

Gitzo Adventury impresses with its extremely well-considered functionality, which is tailored to the requirements during nature photography.

  • Manufacturer:
    Manfrotto, Cassola (Vicenza), Italy
  • In-house design