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Glass Sound Speaker LSPX-S2

Glass Sound Speaker LSPX-S2 | Red Dot Design Award

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Fascinating symbiosis

The Italian pianist and composer Ferruccio Busoni once described music as an ever-present “part of the vibrating universe”. The Glass Sound Speaker LSPX-S2 is an innovative system of light and music that fuses advanced technology and design. The design of this second-generation speaker has realised a minimised size while maintaining a stable centre of gravity by housing the inner elements as low in the configuration as possible. The tweeter’s small-diameter cylinder and the zinc die-cast housing helped minimise the size of the neck and thus bring the up-facing full-range speaker and tweeter into optimal aural harmony. The result is a speaker of clear and organic appearance, which may even be placed in the middle of a dining table. The light body with upward-beaming LED, which is characteristic of this speaker, delivers high lumi­nosity and features an innovatively shaped lens reflector unit that diffuses the reflection to illuminate the entire surrounding area. The light emanates indirectly and does not blind users. The Glass Sound Speaker LSPX-S2 thus embodies a fascinating, multifunctional light object in symbiosis with a highly powerful audio speaker. This allows music to be experienced in a novel, sensual way.

Statement by the Jury

The ­LSPX-S2, the second generation of the Glass Sound Speaker, combines in an outstandingly har­monious way aesthetics and functionality with a unique visual and acoustic experience. Noteworthy is the integration of sophisticated technology into a well-proportioned housing of nostalgic appeal. Reminiscent of a candle in operation, it embodies the emergence of a new kind of speaker. Light and sound merge into a captivating convergence of seeing and hearing.

Red Dot Design Award

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