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GLIDiC Sound Air TW-7000

GLIDiC Sound Air TW-7000 | Red Dot Design Award

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With the GLIDiC Sound Air TW-7000 wireless earbuds, users can listen to music and take phone calls anytime and anywhere. The design of the earbuds is elegant and, with their ergonomic shape, adapts to ears of any size. The devel­opment was strongly focused on a userfriendly design. A visual accent is set by the high-gloss surface of the earbuds, making them appear almost like a piece of jewellery when worn in the ear. They are complemented by a compact charging case that fits into any bag.

Statement by the Jury

These earbuds allow for carefree music enjoyment without irritating cables. In addition, they stand out with their clever, user-oriented design.

Red Dot Design Award