Goldfish Tea Bag

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The innovative packaging concept of these goldfish teabags mirrors the claim of the manufacturer, to make charming products for an enjoyable everyday life. With this teabag, a surprising and entertaining element is added to the brewing of tea: when the teabag is steeped in hot water and begins to swell, the shape of a goldfish takes form. A special cotton thread is attached to the mouth of the goldfish teabag. Pulling the thread allows the teabag to move in the cup like a fish. The manufacturing process of this teabag consists of 16 steps, nine of which require handicraft skills. The goal behind this complex process is to design an everyday product in an unmistakably artistic way.

  • Client:
    CHARM VILLA CO., LTD., Taipei
  • Design:
    CHARM VILLA CO., LTD., Taipei