Gotteswerk 4.2014

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With “Gotteswerk 4.2014”, the Munich printers Gotteswinter und Aumaier published an elaborately produced customer magazine. In the form of a stage play with the title “From the Substantial and Authentic”, it stages the divine in the creation process of a printed product in six acts. The aesthetic typography corresponds with the Japanese binding, while refining finishing – such as perforation, banderole, 3D pop-ups, stickers and the use of high-grade papers, fluorescent ink and relief paint – communicate the expertise of this print and media company.

  • Client:
    Gotteswinter und Aumaier GmbH, Munich
  • Printing:
    Helmut Gahse, Bernd Weber
  • Design:
    Milch+Honig designkultur, Munich
  • Graphic Design:
    Christina John, Rafael Dietzel