Gravity Candle

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The Gravity Candle is a lantern equipped with a cardanically suspended candleholder that, thanks to gravity, keeps the candle perpendicular. For easy lighting of the candle, the lantern is tilted to the side. For extinguishing, it can simply be turned over – the flame goes out by itself and does not need to be blown out. In addition, the candle is thus protected against rain. Owing to a range of accessories, the lantern can be placed on a table, on a rod in a flower bed or be used in a hanging position.

Statement by the Jury

Based on a thorough concept, this lantern is characterised by a well-balanced design language and comfortable use.

  • Manufacturer:
    höfats GmbH, Unterthingau, Germany
  • In-house design:
    Christian Wassermann Thomas Kaiser