Digital Infographics

Greek Tourism – A Trip along the Greek Coastline

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In an approach to present the findings of the Confederation of Greek Tourism Industry’s annual survey in a way that demonstrates the importance of tourism as a national affair, the country’s unique, lacey coastline was chosen to best sum up Greece, both to visitors and Greeks. Four virtual trips from north to south, along the country’s borders were created from real paths traced on the map, two on the east coast and two on the west coast, and then projected as data infographics. Users simply scroll to unravel and explore some of Greece’s most intricate coasts. Distances, geographical locations and positions were thereby kept true to scale with 20 km per 100 pixels.

  • Client:
    SETE – Greek Tourism Industry Confederation, Athens
  • Design:
    Linakis Digital, Athens
  • Creative Direction:
    Marios Linakis, Charis Kanellakopoulos
  • Graphic Design:
    Marios Linakis, Charis Kanellakopoulos
  • Web Design:
    Nikos Mavromatis
  • Account Management:
    Natassa Schoina