Red Dot Design Award

gripmore Socks Upper Sneaker

gripmore Socks Upper Sneaker | Red Dot Design Award

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The upper part of these trainers is knitted using 3D technology, with the effect that little waste is produced and that the sock part features a seamless design. No glue is used except between sock and sole. By accurate seating and the elasticity of the sock, but also by a remarkably low weight, the shoe provides comfortable wear. The integrated closure system provides enhanced stability. The patent outer sole with giant undercut cleats cushions every step and gives the foot a firm hold.

Statement by the Jury

The gripmore Socks Upper Sneaker impresses with clever details and a coherent look. The manufacture skilfully uses the advantages of new technologies.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Manufacturer:
    gripmore Co., Ltd., Taipei City, Taiwan
  • In-house design:
    James Ho Yeitai Qin Ernie Tsai Sylvia Shih
  • Design:
    Dongguan Jianghao Plastic Co., Ltd., Lanhai Lin Wei Cui, Dongguan, China
gripmore Socks Upper Sneaker | Red Dot Design Award