Corporate Identity

Grønbech & Churchill

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Grønbech & Churchill is a gourmet restaurant in Copenhagen. Their corporate identity is inspired by culinary craftsmanship, which is expressed throughout the identity by juxtaposing contrasting letter forms, colours and textures. The result is a modular solution that allows the restaurant to flexibly print their menus in-house. To lend the desktop prints a nevertheless elegant visual appearance, a special translucent paper was selected for the menus. The printed material combines black-and-white with copper.

  • Client:
    Grønbech & Churchill, Copenhagen
  • Design:
    Re-public, Copenhagen
  • creative direction:
    Romeo Vidner
  • graphic design:
    Morten Windelev
  • strategic planning:
    Jenny Nordquist
  • photography:
    Jacob Lindblad
  • illustration:
    Print Division