Built-in Multifunction Oven

Grundig GEBM 46000 B

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This electronic multifunction oven follows a minimalist design concept. The built-in device consumes 20 per cent less energy than products of the A energy efficiency class and is two times quieter than previous models, reaching a maximum noise level of 46 dB(A). This oven has a net oven capacity of 65 litres and features a Cooking Guide with various dishes from international cuisine. Its “nano” coating surface prevents the accumulation of residues.

Statement by the Jury

The consistent implementation of the brand’s distinctive design principle lends this electronic multifunction oven a high degree of recognition.

  • Manufacturer:
    Arçelik A.S., Turkey
  • In-house design:
    Arçelik A.S., Arçelik Industrial Design Team, Turkey
  • Design:
    designaffairs GmbH, Germany