Packaging Design

Guerilla Gardening Set

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The packaging design of this set was developed with the aim of calling attention to Guerilla Gardening and thus to encourage people to actively shape their environment. Following the idea of civil disobedience, the set is an invitation to practise secret gardening with the aim of embellishing drab concrete and urban asphalt landscapes and turning them into blooming mini-gardens. The individual items of this original and clearly designed set follow the idea of sustainability and were made from environmentally friendly materials such as paper, cardboard, cotton and wood. The set contains pop-up maps, seeds and bulbs, garden gloves and little garden tools as well as a canvas bag, a booklet and a wheel-shaped growth guide. With a logo which combines typography and illustration, the reduced visual identity incorporates graphically plain and understandable solutions in order to illustrate the characteristics of both the bulbs and the plants. Packaged in a small cardboard box, the set is intended for immediate use. Statement by the jury »The “Guerilla Gardening Set” impresses with the professional implementation of its design concept and its product design. The underlying idea, which also has social implications, has been realised to brilliant effect in packaging and visual identity, and presents a direct appeal to immediately become active in gardening.«

  • Client:
    Fachhochschule Bielefeld / University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld
  • Design:
    Jessica Götte, Berlin