Floor Path Marking System

GuideU Curved CustomFit

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Curved CustomFit is a self-lighting escape route marking system with a patented, curved light strip of photoluminescent material. Its special feature is that the light strip can be fully integrated into the design of the floor covering, no matter whether this is carpet or a non-textile covering. By means of a digital printing process, the illuminating strip is matched to the specific pattern of the floor. In this way, it blends into it optically, and in daylight it is almost invisible, whereas in the dark it indicates the escape route.

Statement by the Jury

Due to its high level of customisation, Curved CustomFit is particularly adaptable and can be discreetly integrated into various floor coverings to assure more safety.

  • Manufacturer:
    Lufthansa Technik AG, GuideU & Lighting, Hamburg, Germany
  • In-house design:
    Lufthansa Technik AG, GuideU & Lighting, Hamburg, Germany