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H3C X3 pro

H3C X3 pro | Red Dot Design Award

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The H3C X3 pro wireless router was designed specially for supporting a high-grade eSports experience. Elevated incisions increase the performance of the cooling system. At the same time, together with the striking LEDs, they characterise the router as a powerful, high-speed device. It uses a Qualcomm-Gigabit dual-core CPU, offers a 512 MB memory and supports dual-band, multi-user MIMO and 802.11ac Wave 2. The device offers five GE ports and two USB 3.0 connections. Real-time applications, an intelligent broadband allocation, Wi-Fi optimisation and dual-band roaming are effectively supported.

Statement by the Jury

The wireless H3C X3 pro router impresses due to its powerful appearance, which emphasises effectively its technical ­qualities.

Red Dot Design Award