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Hairmoticons | Red Dot Design Award

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The TV commercial for a multistyler by Braun aims to make women experiment on and express their individuality and creativity by inviting them to “play” with the product and create a new hairstyle for each mood. As its angle, the commercial uses emoticons as they are well established in communication; however, although they are all different they have one thing in common: they are bald. Since women often express their mood and own style through their hairdo and styling, the commercial combines both: emoticons and hairstyle. Accompanied by the composition “The Typewriter” by Leroy Anderson, each emoticon changes its “face” when typing quickly on the keyboard – thus acquiring an actual “hairstyle”: expressed through numbers, letters or special characters, which are superimposed on the face and alternate in fast succession. The commercial ends with the claim “Any mood. Any style.” which is also typed in rhythmically to the music, and the multistyler is shown. Statement by the jury »This TV commercial fascinates viewers through its simple visual form of presentation. Supported and complemented by a congenially matched composition, it proves its quality as a perfectly memorable commercial, which also makes almost any viewer laugh involuntarily.«

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Braun GmbH
  • Design:
    BBDO Proximity GmbH, Düsseldorf
  • creative direction:
    Christian Mommertz, Wolfgang Schneider
  • art direction:
    Philipp Alings, Stephan Eichler
  • film direction:
    Christian Mommertz, Steffen Gentis
  • text:
    Christopher Fink
  • film production:
    VCC GmbH Agency for Postproduction, Düsseldorf
  • cgi:
    Das Werk, Düsseldorf
  • composer:
    Leroy Anderson
Hairmoticons | Red Dot Design Award
Hairmoticons | Red Dot Design Award
Hairmoticons | Red Dot Design Award
Hairmoticons | Red Dot Design Award