Corporate Identity

Hana Bank

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To convey complex financial services in an easy-to-understand way, the corporate appearance of the Hana Financial Group uses a series of pictograms. This new visual system thus allows for an intuitive communication, illustrating the customer-oriented attitude of the Korean financial service provider in a highly likeable way. The pictograms are designed and developed as a two-way communication system for both employees and customers, helping them to communicate together through a shared visual language. The visuals are consistently used at various customer touch-points, not only for easier communication but also for efficient brand management.

  • Client:
    Hana Bank, Seoul
  • Design:
    FRUM, Seoul
  • creative direction:
    Changho Han
  • art direction:
    Jae Un Jeon
  • graphic design:
    Chamin Hong, Sinhwan Kim, Soyoung Han, Sangho Lee, FRUM Daeyeon Kim, Dongsu Jung, Sungchul Kim, Hana Bank
  • project management:
    Jae Ok Lee
  • artwork:
    Chamin Hong, Sinhwan Kim, FRUM Daeyeon Kim, Dongsu Jung, Sungchul Kim, Hana Bank Younghoon Haam, Mnemonic, Seoul
  • printing:
    Youngeun Printing