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“A worn out, dated typewriter, the hands of a wall clock that crept around slowly to form the circumference of my childhood, musical instruments that brought rhythms of the world to life, and rice stalks that show the cycle of life in its purest form.” The design of this catalogue gathers these traces of time engraved in everyday objects and nature. The aim is to unearth different stories and dreams that transcend time and space, and the memories associated with them, to observe them carefully, to caress them, to listen to them, and to hold them close. All the while, the catalogue has dismantled and reassembled them in order to instil new energy into Hangeul.

  • Client:
    KT&G Sangsangmadang, Seoul
  • Design:
    601bisang, Seoul
  • creative direction/art direction:
    Kum-Jun Park
  • graphic design/illustration:
    Bon-Hae Koo