Happy Mate Shoe Spray

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The Happy Mate Shoe Spray series originates from the idea of the endurability of the Antarctic’s huddling penguins’ feet in cold, harsh climates. This artistically designed penguin-shaped shoe spray wittily suggests a way for healthy foot protection and refreshment. The inverted direction of the nozzle tip and flippers are graphically designed to present a more dynamic image of huddling penguins, while the enlarged flippers serve both to characterise penguin’s active image with its brilliantly self-insulative feet and to provide convenience for users as a switch: this feet-shaped switch opens and closes by spinning it sideways. Consistently tying in with the original design idea, the illustrations blend harmoniously into the overall appearance, which thus not only combines content, form and use into a convincing unity but also lends an otherwise rather mundane commodity product a distinctive tongue-in-cheek touch. Statement by the jury »The Happy Mate Shoe Spray series stands out among comparable products with its unique and eye-catching packaging on the one hand, and the achievement of combining and expressing the thematic allusion to a penguin through a specific product function. The design is playful and functional at the same time.«

  • Client:
  • Design:
  • design team:
    Jung Suk Jae, Kim Tae Min, Park Ji Won
  • product planning:
    Seo Soo Jin