Red Dot Design Award
Bread Maker

Hard Crust Bakery SD-ZP2000 / SD-ZD2010 / SD-ZF2010

Hard Crust Bakery
SD-ZP2000 / SD-ZD2010 / SD-ZF2010 | Red Dot Design Award

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This bread maker combines a matte black body and metal lid with a rounded shape without sharp edges and corners. With this minimalist design, it fits unobtrusively into any kitchen space. The device bakes bread at high temperatures with a crispy crust. In order to provide for different preferences, a total of 18 styles of bread can be baked, among them brioche und gluten-free varieties.

Statement by the Jury

Hard Crust Bakery shows a compact body, a user-friendly interface and a sophisticated functionality, which makes bread baking at home an easy task.

Red Dot Design Award