Red Dot Design Award
Ceiling System

HeartFelt® Baffles

HeartFelt® Baffles | Red Dot Design Award

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This ceiling system consists of environmentally friendly, recyclable sound absorbing baffles to reduce echo and noise levels. They are made of non-woven thermoformed PES fibres and are 40 to 80 mm wide, 100 to 500 mm tall and up to 2,000 mm long. The baffles come in five shades of grey from black to white and are dirt- and dust-resistant which means they are easy to maintain. The baffle panels are installed using a combi-carrier system. Each panel is attached with steel clips that click into the carrier rail. They are then locked into place with a sliding clip.

Statement by the Jury

The design of the HeartFelt Baffles focuses on effective noise protection and comes with a cleverly thought-out attachment system.

Red Dot Design Award