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Heavy Duty Mini Converter

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The Heavy Duty Mini Converters are a range of broadcast-quality video converters that transform a wide range of video signals, for instance HDMI or analogue to SDI. They have been designed especially for rough conditions, such as live productions. With a solid aluminium case, the converters are built to withstand being run over by a heavy broadcast truck. Programmable dip switches are protected under a sealed elastomer cover and all connectors have been recessed to protect the delicate high-speed video signal. Laser-etched graphics resist wear and abrasion, while silicone feet provide a high grip base.

Statement by the Jury

The rapidly changing media industry requires devices that meet its high demands at all times with the newest technology. This range of video converters fulfils these demands with a sophisticated, robust and elegant design.

  • Manufacturer:
    Blackmagic Design Pty Ltd, Australia
  • In-house design:
    Blackmagic Design Pty Ltd, Blackmagic Industrial Design Team, Australia