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Hell (Wir haben kein Wort dafür) Guru

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The screen-printed poster was created for an exhibition by British concept artist Giorgio Sadotti. It attracts attention by subversively refusing to reduce the layout to essential elements. Complexity is the theme here, since the poster not only announces that Sadotti’s exhibition takes place, but also serves as an exhibit itself. With fluorescent ink printed on reflective PET foil, the poster highlights the artist’s intention of giving a fresh impetus to otherwise neutral and functional museum spaces.

  • Creative Direction:
    Giorgio Sadotti
  • Production:
    LM Druck, Freudenberg
  • Design:
    hauser lacour kommunikationsgestaltung gmbh, Frankfurt/Main
  • Graphic Design:
    Alexander Katchko, Kristina Schmidt
  • Client:
    Museum für Gegenwartskunst Siegen