Brand Identity

“helldunkel” Bakery and Brewery

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The fictitious gastronomic company “helldunkel” (light-dark) combines a traditional bakery with hand-brewed beers made of regionally harvested grain and, with its natural beers and gently baked bread, aims to convey the notions of passion and quality. The identity features a dynamic design and provides a visual language with great flexibility thanks to the various elements. These elements can be arranged flexibly, for instance into signs reminiscent of an ear of grain, and are all based on common basic geometric shapes such as triangles, squares and parallelograms. This principle is inspired by and reflects the company’s philosophy: creating new recipes from simple yet high-quality ingredients by means of traditional preparation methods. The logo forms a word-image mark consisting of the brand’s initial letter “h” and the lettering “helldunkel”. This design mark playfully changes its form, yet without ever changing its essence. Just like the lettering, it is derived from the corporate typeface, which is also based on triangles.

Statement by the Jury

This brand identity convinces with its sophisticated and playful design approach. With a focus on typography, it creates a random feeling within a system that delivers high flexibility and yet remains instantly recognisable. The way the logo and graphic elements have been implemented in all parts of the identity, including stationery, bottle labels and the clip-lock, is outstanding.

  • Client:
    FH Dortmund Supervising professors Prof. Lars Harmsen, Stefan Claudius
  • Design:
    Sung-Hi Leem, Bochum