Red Dot Design Award
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HHmuseum | Red Dot Design Award

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Coordinating fine arts, nature science, the humanities and history, the online platform “HHmuseum” presents an imaginative vision of a children’s museum community in Taiwan. Via paintings and colour, this image film visualises how the platform embraces the different art museums, allowing viewers to experience their heritage by following in adventurous footsteps. It allows the imagination to lift off across ever-changing nature into the infinity of the universe and galaxy. Travelling back and forth in the three major fields of the museum, and through observing children, the film promotes the museum from the imaginative perspective of children.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    National Palace Museum, Taipei City, Taiwan
  • Design:
    Whitelight Motion, Taipei City, Taiwan
  • Creative Direction:
    Yu Tang Hung Fang Yu Hsu
  • Artwork:
    Jheng Da Lin Sheng Hsun Chen Fang Yu Hsu Kai Chun Hsu Peter Mann Doz Lin Jack Chang Light Fish Chen
  • Visual Identity Design:
    Bei En Wang
  • Sound Design:
    Wen Hsing Wang
  • Project Management:
    Bo Sian Shen
HHmuseum | Red Dot Design Award
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