Red Dot Design Award
Wheel Loader

Hidromek HMK 640 WL

Hidromek HMK 640 WL | Red Dot Design Award

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Wheel loaders are often at the centre of action on building sites since they have to move around heavy loads like soil or stones. The Hidromek HMK 640 WL is based on a careful evaluation of the extreme working conditions in mines and quarries, also taking into account the demands of the site operators. This innovative wheel loader has been designed with balanced lines that go beyond the classic forms. Its powerful appearance is mainly characterised by the bold design of the bonnet. This was implemented in the form of a mono-block engine hood, since it facilitates better service and maintenance. The spaciously designed driver’s cabin offers a high degree of comfort as well as sophisticated ergonomics. The cabin is equipped with fully electronic joysticks and allows intuitive navigation from within a pleasant work environment. The console also allows easy adjustment to meet individual user needs. In addition, all settings and information can be displayed on an LED screen, which is conducive to a smooth operation. The search for a new design identity for a vehicle of this type has made the Hidromek HMK 640 WL emerge as a wheel loader with an impressively dynamic style – it aestheticises the work environment by setting new standards.

Statement by the Jury

This wheel loader impresses with a design that has been thoroughly thought through for demanding applications and consistently implemented right down to the very last detail. It succeeds in developing an entirely new design vocabulary for a vehicle of this kind. The Hidromek HMK 640 WL boasts an extremely fresh and modern appearance. Also remarkable are its elegantly balanced proportions, as well as the highly consistent ergonomic solution of the driver’s cabin.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Manufacturer:
    Hidromek, Ankara, Turkey
  • In-house design:
    Hidromek Design Studio
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