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Highlight Train

Highlight Train | Red Dot Design Award

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Highlight Train uses new ‘double-monorail’ construction and ‘two-points’ transmission technologies that allow it to be deployed in congested or environmentally sensitive areas like central business districts, urban residential zones, tourist sites and more. It is a cost-effective urban transport solution, with a low operating cost and a construction cost up to twenty times cheaper than traditional subways. Its compact size and small turning radius allow seamless integration with existing buildings. Rails can be installed close to buildings around their perimeter, through and inside the building, or vertically along the building to realise three-dimensional, point-to-point transportation. Highlight Train is a short-range smart urban monorail system that replaces conventional buses for last-mile journeys and mitigates urban traffic congestion. Its flexible and lightweight design allows the system to be deployed aboveground, underground or around buildings without occupying space on existing roads. It uses an interactive traffic information system powered by 5G technology and Internet of Vehicles (IoV) to dispatch passenger carriages on demand to minimise emission. The enclosed rail design creates a noise-free urban traffic environment, while its carriages can accommodate 10 to 15 passengers and are integrated with close-to-customer ad/media platforms to bring meaningful value-added services to transport journeys and a refreshing urban appearance.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Studio:
    United Dynamic Technology Co., Ltd., China
  • Design Lead:
    Dr. Richard Yuhfong Tsai
  • Design:
    Gu Liwen, Li Yue, Nie Zisong, Tian Nadia, Yao Ziying
  • Design Partner:
    Zhejiang Tonglian Technology Co., Ltd., China
  • Team Lead:
    Prof. Liu Long
Highlight Train | Red Dot Design Award
Highlight Train | Red Dot Design Award
Highlight Train | Red Dot Design Award
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