Annual Report

Hilti 2013 Company Report

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The Hilti 2013 Company Report follows a very condensed and clear concept. The cover features a mark that was manually spray painted onto the concrete-like surface of the binder. The visual effect is strengthened by a hole that has been drilled through the entire report. Such product-specific design elements emphasise the credibility of both the report and the brand itself. The hole, drilled by hand, represents a common thread throughout the publication and makes every copy a unique piece of craftsmanship. It is a point of pride, because holes created by Hilti bits serve a purpose and fulfil a duty. They are filled with anchors or screws and become elemental components of a solid object. Thus, a hole is the beginning of something new.

  • Client:
    Hilti Corporation, Schaan
  • Design:
    Hilti Corporation, Schaan