Hilti TE 50-AVR

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Compact power

On construction sites, combihammers are used in particular for heavy-duty drilling in concrete, usually very tiring work. The innovative design of the Hilti TE 50-AVR combihammer therefore focused primarily on delivering fatigue-free work during such activities. Weighing only 6.1 kg, this SDS-max combihammer is a very light and powerful tool that offers many benefits for drilling and chiselling. It impresses with a compact elegance based on a well-proportioned form that immediately visualises the area of application. Also outstanding are the excellent ergonomics and the perfectly balanced construction with a favourable centre of gravity. The combihammer thus rests very well in the hands of the user. Thanks to its active vibration reduction (AVR) with a low vibration level of 9 m/s², the device puts less strain on the hands and arms of users. This enables working well with this device even for longer periods. The handling is highly intuitive, as all operating options and functions are self-explanatory. The TE 50-AVR is robust and durable. The detachable power cord for quick and convenient replacement on site is particularly well thought-out in terms of functionality. Thanks to its innovative design, this combihammer can be used for a wide variety of drilling applications – delivering highest comfort and maximum work performance.

Statement by the Jury

The design language of the Hilti TE 50-AVR combihammer conveys at first sight that it is extremely robust, durable and easy to handle. The design embodies a clear solution that has transformed a complex system into a good product. In a perfect manner it combines a compact body with powerful, high-performance technology. Based on well-thought-out ergonomics infused with the principle of active vibration reduction, this tool promotes fatigue-free drilling work.

  • Manufacturer:
    Hilti Corporation, Schaan, Liechtenstein
  • In-house design:
    Hilti Corporation
  • Design:
    Matuschek Design & Management, Aalen, Germany
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