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Hogeschool Inholland

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The new visual identity of Hogeschool Inholland (University of Applied Sciences Inholland) visualises and expresses its focus on the student looking outside the institute. The windows and doors are wide open, the focus is turned outward. At the same time Hogeschool Inholland also welcomes outside forces which are relevant to its educational courses and to the interaction between the school and society. This phenomenon, the changing perspective, is the basic idea behind this visual style. Based on this concept an animation video for the introduction of the new visual identity of Hogeschool Inholland, for internal as well as external use, was developed. The result is a corporate animation video surprisingly presenting the large-scale organisation Inholland on human scale, emphasising the accessible character of the university. By using stop motion, a small-scale, tactile atmosphere was created that playfully visualises the basic idea of the new visual identity. Human thoughts, worries and questions alternate in a constantly changing landscape from a constantly changing perspective. Statement by the jury »This image film represents a very bold, fresh and unusual presentation of the Hogeschool Inholland. Playful, light and accompanied by a suiting soundscape, it manages to convey the highly consistent and self-contained new visual identity of the university.«

  • Client:
    Hogeschool Inholland / University of Applied Sciences Inholland, Haarlem
  • Design:
    Studio Dumbar, Rotterdam
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