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Illustration, typography and design are merged into one graphic unit in this book about film. Cinematic elements, such as titles and credits, end title credits, zoom shots and narrative image sequences, are rendered into the medium of a book. Scenes done in bright Technicolor recount the story of the breakthrough of colour film. The graphic style, the choice of typeface and fonts used in the titles are inspired by old film posters of the 1930s. A golden, screen printed linen hardcover is supposed to underline the glamour of this defining era of film history.

  • Client:
    Gerstenberg Verlag, Hildesheim
  • Design:
    Robert Nippoldt, Münster
  • art direction:
    Robert Nippoldt
  • concept:
    Robert Nippoldt, Daniel Kothenschulte
  • graphic design:
    Robert Nippoldt
  • text:
    Daniel Kothenschulte
  • illustration:
    Robert Nippoldt, Christine Goppel