Red Dot Design Award
Air Purifying Respirator

Honeywell North HM500

Honeywell North HM500 | Red Dot Design Award

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The sturdy air purifying respirators of the North HM500 series protect against hazardous dust, vapours and gases. They can be used together with goggles, helmets and hearing protection equipment from the same series. They can also be taken off without needing to remove other parts of the personal protective equipment. The safety-relevant conformity of the equipment remains intact. The soft seal of the respirators ensures that they are comfortable to wear even during long-term use. Hassle-free dismantling and assembly of the units facilitates cleaning and maintenance.

Statement by the Jury

These respirators perform convincingly thanks to their ergonomic properties and the compatibility with other protective equipment from the North HM500 series.

Red Dot Design Award